Bill Ritchie Work in California
in the

Mark E. Jaffe Collection


"Still Life with Watering Can"

Provenance: 1963. Conte. Black. Image 25 1/8 X 19 1/8 in. bleeding to the edge of charcoal paper. Signed Lower right.

Comment: My drawing teachers were very important for my future as a printmaker, as this one shows when you compare it to my lithographs of a few years later. It was either Paul Heald or Ron Carraher who exposed us to the almost painful rigor of tonal studies and managing a whole sheet of paper! What surprised me was the muttering "voices" that began to whisper in my inner ear in accompaniment to the scratching of my pencil on the paper, and the distortion in time and space between me and the subject of the task.  Exhibitions and awards, nationally & regional--list available from the artist by request.

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