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My Father's Farm from the Moon

Provenance: Print. 1974 - 1976. Intaglio, relief, chine-colle. Black, purple, gradation of orange, blue. Yellow, red ochre and burnt sienna. Ochre watercolor on Asian paper chine-colle'd on . Image size 38 X 27 1/2-inches on 42 X 32-inches Arches white cover paper. Printed from etched zinc plates and cut circuit board plastic, puzzle-pieced together. Un-numbered variation. Signed lower right.

About Ward Hulbert: I met Ward when was doing a workshop in Anchorage. He's a strong supporter of the arts, and an artist himself. He moved to Alaska in 1958. Formerly an army captain, he began photographing and filming the area, inspired by its people and landscape. He has since become a painter, a sculptor and video artist.

Comment: The title is partly from My Father's Farm series and my video art. The inspiration came from the Lunch with Terry Riley video. C.T. Chew helped and wrote the accompanying song. The plates took two years to complete and many states existed before this one. In the mid-1970's we made a video of the entire process - long and detailed and dated, but it's on YouTube still.

Exhibited: Exhibited and winner of awards in regional shows in Anacortes, Bellevue, Everett and Puyallup, WA; One-Man Show, Kiku Gallery, Seattle; 1st Editions Graphics Project, Oregon; Baltimore Museum of Art Print Club, MD; Brooklyn Print Exhibition, NY; National Print Invitational, Georgia Southern College, Statesboro, GA.

Other collcctions: Variations in other collections of Billie Bryan, the Mary Duryee Estate, Keith Kirkpatrick, Lynda Ritchie, Nellie Sunderland, and Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum.

Click to see the vintage video, "How I printed 'My father's farm from the moon"

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