Bill Ritchie design work in Wasington State
in the

Mary Hermann Collection

Wave Square School Scroll (similar image)

Provenance: 1979. Print. Chine colle, sienna ink on white, gold infusion paper from etched copper with Van Gelder Zonen buff backing. 24 1/4 X 11 1/2 in. backing with. 12 X 9 in. plate mark. 5 proofs. Signed lower right. Also in the collection of Matilda Bryan.

Comment: A while after I finished editioning Wave Square School for Sam Davidson Galleries, I experimented with different papers and printing methods. The gold infusion paper was seductive and my interest in Asian scrolls inspired this version. It was very hard to print and I made only five.

About Mary Hermann: Mary is an award winning designer who has owned her own design business for over 25 years in Seattle, London, Massachusetts, and Seattle once again. She designed a place card for Bill in the nineteen-eighties for an exhibit at Karl Beckley's Greenlake Grill. See more about Mary on "Linked in" :

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