Bill Ritchie Work in Washington State
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Carol and Russ Hare

Homage to Hayter - Printfair 2007

This is a facsimile of the actual print in the Hare collection..

Homage to Hayter - Print Fair 2007

Provenance: 2007. Print. Intaglio. Printed in various colors for a variable edition of monoprints. Image is 5 X 7" on white Fabriano paper. Signed lower right. Approximately 50 prints were made over the two-day period.

Comment: Carol was one of the many visitors who came to the Seattle Print fair held at the Seattle Center in 2007, where Bill Ritchie had set up his Mini Halfwood Press in a corner of the pavilion. He printed his plate for passers-by, and gave prints away to those who had the patience and interest to see how intaglio prints are made.

Bridget and Mark Nowlin

Other visitors besides Carol, such as Bridget and Mark Nowlin, above, watched Bill Print at the 2007 Seattle Print Fair.
Incidentlaly, Bridget and other family members later bought Mark a press for his Birthday.

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