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Andrew & Zenobia Hare

Actual image of No. 3 is unavailable - a look-alike is shown here.

Legacy Mini Halfwood Press No. 3

Specifications: Made in 2004. Serial Number 60003. Black walnut, ipe, steel, plastic, brass.

Comment: Andrew was with Zenobia when they came and saw the Mini Halfwood Press at Bill’s first demonstration at Daniel Smith, Inc.’s Seattle store on November 20, 2004. They came to the Taylor Avenue Workshop and bought No. 3 the next day. While they were at the shop, they also bought two of Bill’s artworks. When he asked them about their art interests and shared with them his hopes to develop a collectible trading card game based on the Halfwoods, Zenobia offered that played Dungeons & Dragons as a girl. On another visit she brought a unique set of Tarot cards to show to Bill. Both Zenobia and Andrew are artists and Andrew is a musician and busker seen playing bass at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Sadly, Andrew passed away in 2019.


"Locus and the Sea Squares" - two versions

Provenance: 1982. Intaglio, relief, stencil, cyanotype.  Image on the left is Number 72, 21 1/2 X 15 in. on 29 X 20 1/2 inch paper. Image on the right, No. 24, is approximately 12 X 15 inches.

Comment: These prints art from a series of 141 trial proofs and artist's proofs in "cycles" of approximately 15 each, in different color series. They are proofs which I made in the processes of cyanotype, woodcut, and intaglio techniques. That project resulted in a series of monotypes and monoprints. The images derive from three sources: The map is based on the Colorado River, a vicinity known once as the Crossing of the Fathers; the leaf-like shape I call locus--the path of a moving point (I drew these to help establish data for use in a computer program). I drew and cut blocks for The Great Wave to almost copy the famous print by Hokusai. Besides the pleasure of meeting people who want to take this print into their personal collections, I have shown the print numerous times and it has given me many rewards, nationally & regionally.

Click here to see vintage 1982 25-minute printing video and here for the Transcript

   Andrew Hare painting

Left: Zenobia and Andrew Hare at the time they bought their Legacy Mini. They are both artists.
Right, a painting by Andrew from a postcard gift.

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