Bill Ritchie Work believed to be in Washington State
in the

Lawrence Hard Collection

Element II

Provenance: Print. Stone lithograph, wash drawing, 3 colors. Green, gray-green, black-green. Image 14 1/2 X 12 in. on 16 1/2 X 13 1/2 in. white Cover (sulphite) paper. No. 5/5 (?), signed lower right.

Comment: "This is the second color from Element II, the black run only. Sometimes with printmaking you just want to see or print one of the colors--another beautiful thing about media art. These are so versatile; to me it's somehow like rock, tree, and water--the tree flexes, gives way to wind, and yet its roots--like water--can split and wear away stone. Does that make sense?"

Or, until verified, maybe Element I, which says: "At the time I was a graduate student my inventions in methods to draw lithographs that achieved for me the effects of natural patterns were mounting in number, plus my skill to print and hold the image on stone. I'd been practicing for five months and Now I was in my element with lithography." See also the James "Bud" Richardson Collection.

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