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Gail Gwinn Collection

Gail Gwinn's picture of her Mini Halfwood Press No. 101X in its Printmaker Chest

Mini Halfwood Press No. 101X

2011. Mini Halfwood Press. Serial No. 60101X. Rollers are 1.5 x 5.75 inches top and bottom. The bed is 1/4 x 6 x 16 inch polycarbonate (the standard); overall length is 16.5 inches; overall width is 9 inches; overall height is 10 inches; weight, 12 lbs.; drive wheel is 8 inches diameter in stainless steel; the is pine throughout stained in red chestnut. The Printmaker Chest is pine, too. Included are felt blankets, Allen Wrench and User's Manual. Gail also took on the Printmaker Chest built around the Mini Halfwood Press.

For her commentary and pictures, see Gail Gwinn's Blog is

and one of her showcases was the Brackenwood Gallery in Langley, Washington
and you can see her press at her show along with two other artists and a video was made:

Artist's comment: Gail and I communicated for many months and when I suggested that she try the new 2011 Collection prototype, No. 101X, she came to the shop and printed one like it (the real one was making its debut in St. Louis on that day). She was pleased, said she'd take it when 101X got back to Seattle. In late April she revisited Seattle, printed on the traveling press, and decided to take it so she could use it in her upcoming show in Langley, the Brackenwood Art Gallery, on Whidbey Island.

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