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Ralph Greenberg Collection

Homage to Jake

Provenance: 1970, 2004. Lithograph and blind deboss. Black on white. Image 14 X 19 inches on 18 1/2 X 23 1/2 inch Dutch Etching paper. Number 2 of 3 trial proofs from an original drawing on stone by Lawrence, printed by Bill Ritchie in 1970 and then altered in 2004 with Bill's debossing of the word for an original game titled Emeralda to commemorate the renown, late artist's contributions to the spirit games and collaborative arts. Also in the collection of Mitch Mitchell.

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Video hangdown image
Image above is facsimile of that in the Greenberg collection

Video Hangdown

Provenance: Print. 1972. Lithograph, intaglio aquatint and white debossing. Black and white. Image 8 1/2 X 10 1/2 in. on 13 1/2 X 17 1/4 in. paper. Trial proof. Signed lower right.

(Note, there is a question as Ralph Greenberg's notations say: Video Hangdown, aquatint, etching, annotated T/P, signed, dated 1972, sheet = 13 x 17 inches.)

Artist comment: The onset of our work with video yielded hundreds of snapshots fo the monitors, several of which were the basis for prints I made in different printmaking media. Border was printed from an aluminum lithograph plate; the center image was printed from a two-part plate made on copper-clad circuit board material using traditional softground and aquatint etching and spit-biting. Some impressions have hand-coloring. The print was not published as an edition, therefore few impressions exist.

Collection III Image
Image above is facsimile of that in the Greenberg Collection

Collection III - Part of the Children's Game

Provenance: Print. 1968. Intaglio, aquatint & engraving on copper, printed in burnt sienna, black, red, and ochre. Image 19 X 17 1/2 in. on 24 X 22 3/4 in Rives BFK. Number 14/25. Signed lower right. Also in Ritchie Family; Kobe Museum; University of Washington; Reino Randall Estate; Don Marshall; Dr. Charles McCann; Connie Speth; Rob Walker; Trippe (or Tripp) Collections. Exhibited in the Seattle Art Museum; also at the Honolulu Academy and elsewhere.

Artist comment: In this print I was summarizing all the phases I’d gone through in a few years, putting the tree symbolically with the animal creature. I introduced fascinating game structure. "... the Children's Game" refers to the naivete and the fun of game-play. But there is a sense of forboding: the games children play can lead to games adults play, and not always in the best interest of human kind. This was during the Viet Nam conflict. One day I saw the tree growing on a lot on the north side of Lake Union. I photographed it and made my first photo-etching--a new technology at the time. Later I saw the little tree was ripped out of its place to make room for a condo.

About Ralph Greenberg: Professor Greenberg is a mathematician who has amassed a large collection of artworks by Northwest artists and he has a personal web page

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