Bill Ritchie Work in Hawaii

in the

Barbara Gorrell Estate

Provenance: "Wave Square Head". Cyanotype. Blue, ochre on white Copperplate DeLuxe, all rag paper. 

Artist's statement: For several summers in '80s I loved to work with cyanotype, a mid-19th Century photography process (eclipsed by silver-based photo chemistry). For an artist this process, also known as blue process, has many benefits--the image takes a long time to expose and then it develops in cool running water. It's almost non-toxic. On a bright, June day I spread my paper (which I pre-coated myself) outside in my driveway and laid down my stencils and screens on to it. The shapes are from my wave square series.

I learned of Barbara's passing in 2020 only by chance in a message from C. T. Chew, as her husband had communicated with Carl regarding a stage play. I mentioned Barbara in my autobiography. She helped us by buying this artwork and prints by Norie Sato, Sherry Markovitz and Nancy Mee that were in my "Graduated Students Folio" - a sale I regretted but financial need required.

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