Bill Ritchie Work in Washington State

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Kathy and Ron Glowen Collection

Mini Halfwood Press No. 15

Specifications: Etching Press. 2005. Mini Halfwood Press Serial No. 60015, in ipe, walnut and mahogany.

Artist's commentary: Kathy and Ron came to the Daniel Smith Inc. demo on November 12, 2005 expressly to see me work with the Halfwood press. Her interest in printmaking had been awakened in workshops using a Whelan Press. She said she might travel with the Mini, taking it to Hawaii as carry-on baggage. Later she had a Conrad Press, too. I've always regarded Ron, who wrote art reviews, as having had the best insight into my work in the 1970s and '80s.

Ron & Kathy Glowen, Betty Merken 2014

2014 - Ron & Kathy Glowen with their friend artist Betty Merken attend the "In Collections" opening at SAM Gallery Art Sales & Rental. In the background is a fiber and mixed media artwork by Kathy Glowen.

To see the testing of other Mini Halfwood Presses similar to Cathy's, see them on YouTube.

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