Bill Ritchie's art and design work in
in the

Alison Fujino Collection

Facsimile image of Bill's art in Ali's collection; active (left) and passive sides of Ali's Legacy Mini Halfwood Press.
Below: Ali's page in the 2010 Halfwood Press Calendar

Provenance of the artwork: Target Stamp II. Made in 1968. Intaglio print from aquatint plate, t/p black printed from etched, drypoint and shaped copper. 2 3/16 x 2 3/15 in. on French mold made paper. Signed by Artist.

Bill Ritchie's Comment: On a walk from the nearby Drachen Foundation, Ali--who champions the connection between kite-making and printmaking, noticed the Halfwood Press Gallery, stopped in and got the book, "Halfwood Press," a video and a print. She came back later and bought a Mini, plus she arranged for the purchase of a Galleon with David Lotz' help. Click to Learn more about the Stunt Kite Book which Alison Fujino co-authored. Ali is an activist, writer, world traveler and the former Executive Director of the Drachen Foundation, Seattle's kite museum and archive and has promoted awareness and projects about the changes in the arctic through her work with the Campion Foundation-including the capital financing of the commercial release of the Academy Award nominated film, "Chasing Ice."

Bill Ritchie's story about the artwork: Target Stamp II was one of the first of the artists' stamps that began with casual "mail art" process works. The copper plate was 10-gauge therefore I was able to sculpt the edges to accentuate the oversized perforation marks. Too large to use as a stamp, this one magnified my boyhood passion for stamps, and would lead to a lifelong use of the stamp theme in my printmaking and drawing. Later I would discover this was commonplace among artists and they call them "Artistamps."

Specifications of the Legacy Mini Halfwood Press No. 51: 2009. Etching Press. SN 60051. Walnut with burl, ipe, wenge, steel, brass, plastic.

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