Bill Ritchie Work in the

Deanna Fryhle Collection


"Celadon bowl with swirl"

1961. Stoneware, dark green celadon glaze with dark swirl. 3 x 8 1/8 x 8 1/8 inches.

Artist's comment: At Central Washington State College (now CWU) I majored in pre-professional art so I could take mostly art and craft classes, almost full-time. Renowned ceramic artists John Fassbinder and Richard Fairbanks were my teachers, and I made this stoneware bowl as one of the requirements in Professor Fairbanks' course.

Fifty-four years later (54 is my "power number"), Deanna Fryhle was passing by our family's Mini Art Gallery in Seattle and she spied this bowl in the window. I invited her in, and we chatted and so we found that we had some common interests in performing arts and international business education. In the few minutes that we talked, she decided to take the bowl to add to her collection.

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