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Gail Frailey Collection


End of the Emeralda

Specifications: “End of the Emeralda” 4 1/2" X 7 3/8" Monoprint. Relief. Woodcut printed in red ochre watercolor on Japanese Kitakata paper. Signed Lower Right. “The ‘Emeralda’ is a mythical, magical ship I imagined as having been the transport by which the design for my Halfwood Presses came to the Pacific Northwest from Europe in the mid-18th Century. It was smashed by a rogue wave near Guemes Island. I carved the block and printed it in the Japanese manner known as sosaku hanga.”

Artist's comment: Gail, my sister, ordered a print similar to this from our Etsy site. It was a lithograph printed from a glass plate, a technique known as vitreography. It never arrived! An unsolved mystery. We realized the loss over a year later and she was willing to accept this print - of a similar image - in its place. Sweet sister!


Specifications: ce037rit “Face pitcher,” Stoneware. Celadon glaze on hand-built body, handle cut to look like a nose on a face.

Artist's comment: Gail, my sister, wanted to buy my little "Face pitcher" - a complement to me, and maybe a reflection of her own interest in funky ceramics. I sent it to her in 2017.

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