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WeeWoodie Rembrandt kit

WeeWoodie Rembrandt Press kit (left) and completed (right)

Specifications: 20-piece do-it-yourself kit for a working scale model of a 17th Century etching press like one used by Rembrandt and other old masters of printmaking arts. Winner of a Silver Award in the A'Design Competition in Milan, Italy, 2013.

Comment: Janet agreed to take home a WWRP Kit to get her family's reaction to it. An another point in our collaboration we tested my theory we could make printing plates for it with a laser engraver. It worked on acrylic but not lacquer-coated copper because of the shiny metal. After awhile Janet concluded it wasn't interesting to her kids at this stage, so she chose to keep it for possible further development.

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For the WeeWoodie Rembrandt Press videography, click HERE.

(Left) Emeralda Clock, A/P. (Right) Janet won the print for supporting the Ed Raub postcard project.

Specfications: Made in 2009. 6 1/4" x 4 3/4" Monoprint. Intaglio. Red ochre and black aquatint etching, printed on white Arches Cover paper. Mounted on plywood with muslin protection between the paper and wood. A/P. Signed Lower Right. Framed under non-glare acrylic in 11 x 14 gloss black quick-change frame.

Back story: "I etched a clock face with the image of the frigate, the 'Emeralda.' The plate was to simulate a corroded effect around the background, commentary of the shipwreck later on in the Emeralda saga I wrote. I made several impressions, all different, one of them dedicated 'To Janet.' (not shown)

Bill Ritchie's comment: I came to difficulty fulfilling my part of the Ed Raub Canoe etching press postcard project and Janet agreed to make up the shortfall by purchasing the Emeralda Clock print; then she agreed to level up buy ordering it framed. I used the opportunity to launch my Emeralda artiscripophily share scheme, making this artwork a share in leveling up Emeralda Works.

Janet's Receipt certifying receipt for Emeralda artiscripophily.

Janet's 2008 collaboration with Ritchie: In 2008 Janet helped visualize Emeralda, animating one treatment using built-in 2nd Life images. See it on YouTube.

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