Bill Ritchie's art in Washington State
in the

Lauren Glen Dunlap Collection


Provenance: 2005. Intaglio, drypoint printed from a copper plate with Charbonnel sanguine ink. Image 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches on 5 X 7 inch Arches cover. Artist's Proof. Signed lower right. Also in the collection of Sylvia Dillon , Nellie Sunderland, Matilda Bryan and others.

About Lauren Glen Dunlap: Her novella, And I, Francis: The Life of Francis of Assisi in Word and Image, was written in collaboration with Pacific Northwest painter and printmaker Kathleen Frugé Brown, whose oil paintings and block prints of seven scenes from the life of Francis of Assisi are reproduced in the book and, like the text, are from Francis’s perspective.

Comment: I brought my Mini Halfwood Press plus my laptop computer and digital camera on a family trip. While my granddaughter sat opposite me drawing my portrait, I snapped an image of her and put it on my laptop screen as a guide. From her sitting there (but not holding still!) and from my laptop screen, I sketched her image on copper. I had ink and damp paper, too, so I could make a print on the spot. I think it is the most inspired and true print I made in years.

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