Bill Ritchie's art in Washington State
in the

Woloshyn & Drangsholt Collection

"Two Targets "

Provenance: Mixed Media. Work on paper. Formerly in the collection of John Fudala.

Comment: Dr. Mark Drangsholt alerted me in December, 2021 that his family collection shared with his wife, Dr. Heather Woloshyn includes a work of mine by this title. This solved a mystery for me because my friend and co-worker David Lotz had shown me an auction report from the Mroczek Brothers Auctioneers. It was from June 2020, showing the sale; but I never knew who won it until Dr. Drangsholt sent me a message. In a way the experience served as case study for a scavenger hunt game I want to play, "Where in the World is Bill Ritchie's Art?"

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