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Kevin C. Dorney Collection


Passive and active sides of Mariner Halfwood Press
This one is No. 10 in the Sean Licka collection, but which is almost identical to Kevin's No. 11

Mariner Halfwood Press No. 11

Specifications: Made in 2018. Mariner Halfwood Press. Serial No. 11. Dark American walnut with laminated dark wenge core. Twelve-inch wide bed, 34 inches long, rack driven; synchronous pressure screws. Rollers are 3-inch diameter solid steel, top and bottom. Driving wheel is stainless steel 16-inches diameter. Geared and chain-driven driving the rack on the bed provide a 12:1 mechanical advantage. Included are three felts and adusting Allan wrcnches..

About Kevin C. Dorney: What appears on the Web is Kevin's 2016 film documenting his hike of the path by Hannibal Barca and his army from Spain to Italy in 216 BC.

Comment: Kevin was interested in both the Galleon and Mariner presses, and after contacting Tom, he decided on a Mariner. Tom sent the Model 12 press to Ireland in TWO packages of about 60 lbs. each, the frame and bed in one package and the base, rollers, wheel in the second package! Later on, Kevin asked for examples I printed on a Mariner and I sent him the image of the "21" print from the Frye Museum show.

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