Bill Ritchie art in Alaska
in the

Karen Dorcas Collection

Facsimile image of Bill's print, "Vision of ArtsPort"

"Vision of ArtsPort"

Provenance: 2008. Print. Intaglio. Sanguine and black from two etched copper plates, 7 X 5 Image on cream chine colle on 7 3/4 X 6 in. white Fabriano. T/P, signed lower right.

Comment: For Emeralda, my imaginary world, I designated one of its islands as ArtSport--the domain of expertise in cyber art navigation. Every island has its own official artist's stamp, and this design is for ArtsPort. The print shows only the image without the lettering and numbers. It was the first time I made a real (not digital) version of it. This was made in Index, Washington, a mountain village art festival.

Bill Ritchie and Karen Dorcas, 2009, when Karen bought a Legacy Mini Halfwood Press, which she sold to Maria Arango Diener when Karen downsized.
Karen's signature work was of moose images, and when she bought her press, a video of her printing resulted. Click here for the video on YouTube.

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