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Tracy Dillon Collection

Likenss of Tracy's Mini Etching Press

Mini Etching Press No. 56

Specifications: Made in 2018. Mini Etching Press. Serial No. mep60056. Specifications: Equipped with a 6-inch wide, gear-and-rack-driven, 3/8 thick by 14" long acetal bed with safety stops. Rollers are 2 1/4" diameter polished, unique nickel-plated steel. The pressure screws are linked so they stay in sync. With a mechanical advantage of over 6:1, one can easily print 5 X 7 inch intaglio plates. Made of American black walnut hand-finished in tung oil for a satin luster. Embellished with hand-crafted brass barrel nut fasteners and custom side medallion.

About Tracy Dillon: Tracy is a teacher and technician . . .

Comment: Tracy ordered her Mini Etching Press directly from Tom Kughler. After a year she responded to my request for her mailing address with a long, wonderful testimonial as to why she ordered the press and her plans to use it..

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