Bill Ritchie works in Washington State
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Sylvia Dillon Collection


Sylvia's Legacy Mini Halfwood Press, No. 46

Specifications: Made in 2009. Mini Halfwood Press SN60046. Walnut, Ipe, buttonwood and ebony trim with hammered brass medallions. Optional polished brass bed. Instrument box is not shown.

Comment: Sylvia found me on the Web and wanted to get a press to expand her work on fabric. She ordered one of the last presses with a solid brass bed. One can see the test I made (I test all my presses) on YouTube, below.


At another point in time, Sylvia joined me for some demonstrations at an area art education event, where David Lotz and I set up a booth for two days and showed the Halfwood Press Line. Photo by David Lotz.

Bill Ritchie's dry point print, "Matilda"

Provenance: 2005. Print. Drypoint intaglio on copper. Image 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 in. Prints vary in ink: Sanguine, carmine, black, sepia and others. Signed lower right. Also in the collection of Lauren Dunlap, Nellie Sunderland, Matilda Bryan and others.

Comment: When she came to the Halfwood Press gallery, she saw my dry point print, "Matilda," and bought it. The story of this print is interesting. The first time I drew a portrait of our granddaughter, Matilda Bryan, we were at the beach. I brought my Mini Halfwood Press, a laptop computer, and my digital camera. While Matilda--then about five years old--sat opposite me drawing my portrait, I snapped an image of her, put it on my laptop, and then made the drypoint lines on copper. She moved around, like any kid, so I used the digital image to keep the initial pose in place.

Click here to see the video, "Printing an aquatint on a Mini Halfwood Press."

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