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Jocelyn Curry &†Rick Asher

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My Father's Farm

Provenance: 1972. Print. Intaglio and relief printed from etched plate in thalo green w/black, blue and yellow on Arches Cover white. Image 16 1/4 X 22 3/4 in on 20 3/4 X 29 3/4 in. No. 11/20. Signed lower right. Collections also Gloria Abbenhouse, Lee Altman, Billie Jane Ritchie Bryan, Everett Public Library, Dr. Charles McCann, Kay Pruvich, Lynda Ritchie, Kathryn Sharpe, Nellie Adelle Sunderland nee Ritchie , Seattle Juvenile Center and others.

Comment: My Father's Farm is named for the real place, where we used siphon hoses for irrigation. Those bright, early mornings were only a farm boy's memory in 1960. When I made this print in 1972, it was in very different world in which I had come to live. The image was composed from a video photograph made in my first video art experiments, using 16 mm film, facing toward Eastern Washington where my father's farm had been. The film was of a sunrise over the Cascade Mountains and the image was my drawing of the same title.

Jocelyn Curry took my printmaking classes in 1972. She and Rick Asher, came to my studio some time after that and took this print into their home. In 2014, Rick wrote me a wonderful email. My wife said, "It brings a lump to one's throat. . . ". I hope Rick doesn't mind if I include his message here:

"Hello Bill, I have intended to write to you for many years to tell you how much I have loved having one of your prints, "My Father's FarmĚ" 11/20. My wife, and at that time student of yours, Jocelyn Curry, and I came to your home studio and selected the print in, I believe, 1973. Since that time it has been continuously on display in our homes. I still very frequently look at it attentively and appreciatively and consider it one of my favorite of all the thousands of pieces of artwork that I have ever seen. It's subtle but realistic colors have led to coining our own phrase that we always apply when describing cloudless sunrises and sunsets, a Bill Ritchie sky. I thought that you might like to know the lasting effect of your superb work. I enjoyed browsing your website and I wish you continued creative success.†Rick Asher "

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