Bill Ritchie Work in Washington State (or California)
in the

Dwight Coburn Collection

Reasonable facsimile of actual print.

Provenance: Print. 1969. Intaglio and relief printed on shaped, etched. engraved and perforated zinc plate with hammered copper "stone" insets. 4 1/2" X 5". Signed lower right.

Comment: Dwight Coburn and I met when he was a student at the UW, Seattle. After college he established a lithography printing studio for himself and he printed for other artists. He was always an artist of many talents and every medium - including video of late. His website is

Click here to see Dwight printing in his first studio - his basement - in the 1980's!
The video is from a group show he prepared for.

Cyanotype 1981 Poster

Provenance: Six-color offset lithograph. Tones of blue, overprinted with transparent gloss yellow process PMS inks on white 165 lb Warren Patina pH Neutral paper. 40 X 24 3/4 in.

Comment: Alhough this poster was printed by offset litho, we made the plates from hand drawn masters. To create the blended colors I worked with the plate maker and printer plus I mixed the inks. Three sources make the image: A map of the Colorado River, a leaf-like diagram I used for computer animation and the famous woodblock print by Hokusai titled The Great Wave . . . I  was influenced by cartography, computer technology and Japanese culture and also names of my family and Triangle Studio mates.

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