Bill Ritchie's art in Washington State
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Leon Clark & Rachel Parks Collection

Provenance: Drawing, collage, silverpoint, gold point. Gray, black on white and buff. Gesso'd Rives BFK. Image 12" x 9" on 15 1/4" X 12". Signed Lower right.

Comment: The Little Space Ship Crash print, below,  occupied me for the better part of a year and required many revisions and tests. I gessoed over one of the trial proofs, leaving only the chine-colled stamps showing through. This gave me a drawing to be working on during the months I was making more proofs and, finally, printing the edition. Silver and gold point drawing are very slow-you-down kinds of techniques, so it amounted to a good meditation device. I needed that to offset the mechanical processes of making the print.

The Little Space Ship Crash print, is a multi-process, multi-color work. I used every kind of printing process one can name--intaglio, stencil, lithograph and woodcut. The stamp images are debossed, just as they are in the silverpoint drawing in the collection.

Spanning two years of development and about 75 impressions, my Little Spaceship Crash was the seed for a larger work. Three sources comprise the image: A map of the Colorado River (distorted by the artist); cartography, computer technology and Japanese culture.

The series also came out of the movie, Planet of the Apes. It's a long story.

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