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Annalisa Campbell

The DIY WeeWoodie Rembrandt Press comes in a 20-part kit
(left) and assembles into a working model of a 17th Century press .

DIY WeeWoodie Rembrandt Press

Specifications: Made in 2015. DIY WeeWoodie Rembrandt Press Kit comes as 20-pieces and includes a pre-carved linoleum printing plate and comic-style user manual, available online free. Assembled, the press has a 3 1/2" wide printing bed with felts, gripper pads and tools for assembling with screws. Note that small parts present a choking hazard and assembly is best if with the help of teens or adults.

See Wee Woodie Rembdrandt Press Videos on YouTube

About Annalisa Campbell: Annalisa Campbell has a working, teaching and showing space called Brayer and Brush in Oklahoma City. She will attend the non-toxic etching workshop of Alfonso Crujera, located in the Canary Islands.

Comment: Annalisa Campbell was surprised when she called me in March, 2015, that I answered the telephone. We quickly found many common interests - one being galvanic etching. She plans to have a Galleon, and we discussed how one of her sons who was in Seattle at the time, Isaac Miller, could get involved making the press. Meanwhile, as a surprise birthday present, her husband got her a DIY WeeWoodie Rembrandt.

Isaac Campbell did come to learn more about the Wee Woodie Rembrandt Press and pitched in to help with a demonstration by Ethan Lind and me (center) at the Bayview retirement community. He's shown in the photo (black baseball cap) holding the iPad he used to show closeups - on a big screen overhead - of Ethan (far right) when he was printing for the residents.

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