Works by Bill Ritchie in
in the

 Pauline Buckles Collection


Provenance: 1963. Print. Screenprint.  2/4. Signed lower right.


"Ten Trombones"

Provenance: 1963. Print. Screenprint. Ochre, brown, red, blue, black, orange, purple. Image 22 X 23 1/2 in. on sulfite cover stock paper. Un-numbered. Signed Lower right. Also in collection Jerry Olson and Robert and Pat Calhoun.

"Rocking Horse"

Provenance: 1963. Print. Relief print from woodblock. Black, yellow. Image 16 3/4 X 19 5/8 in. on 18 X 21 in. soft vegetable fiber paper or fabric. No. 4 Studio Proof (?). Signed lower right. Also in collection of Robin Abel, Washington State.

About Pauline Buckles: Pauline sent email in 2014, wondering if I was the creator of "Magpies," one of several prints she bought in an estate sale in San Jose. We exhanged email. She had bought two others and sent me snapshots of them for this web page. She is an artist, working mostly on large-scale colored pencil on fine paper. She can be contacted by email if you are interested in seeing her work.

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