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Matilda Bryan Collection


Left: Wave Square School Scroll
Right: Artistscrip as certificate of authenticity

Provenance: Catalog number pr790911rit. Wave Square School Scroll. 1979, Print. Sienna intaglio ink and Chine Colle printed from etched copper plate. Image 24 1/4" x 11 1/2" on kitikata paper, gold infusion paper with Van Gelder Zonen buff paper for backing. 12" x 9" plate mark. Signed lower right. At left, A/P Lynda indicates her presentation artist's proof.

Artist's comment : The original composition was commissioned and published by Sam Davidson, Seattle, titled Wave Square School. After the edition for Sam Davidson Galleries, I experimented with different papers and printing methods. The gold infusion paper and my interest in Asian scrolls inspired the scroll version. It was very hard to print, and I made only five. Printed at Triangle Studios, Seattle, WA. Exhibited at Davidson Galleries and Erica Williams/Anne Johnson Galleries, Seattle, WA. Variations of the scroll’s states, trial proofs, and artists' proofs are in private collections in Seattle including Davidson Galleries, Mary Herrmann, Paul & Pam Lewis, Linda Farris, Lynda Ritchie (gifted to Matilda Bryan), Billie Jane Bryan and Nellie Sunderland. 1979 valuation $320.00 unframed. Insurance value $600.

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