Bill Ritchie Work in Washington State
in the

Nancy Bonnema Collection

The image is not actually of Nancy's No. 18, an image of which is not available,
and the items shown are a reasonable likeness of what Nancy received with her press.

Specifications: Made in 2006. Legacy Mini Halfwood Press SN60018. Rollers are 1.5 x 5.75 inches top and bottom. The bed is 1/4 x 6 x 17 inches in polycarbonate (the standard); overall length is 17.5 inches; overall width is 9 inches; overall height is 10 inches; weight, 12 lbs.; drive wheel is 8 inches diameter in stainless steel; the woods used are black walnut base, ipe cladding the steel and walnut hood.

Comment: Nancy saw a demonstration I gave at Daniel Smith Inc. and came forward with an offer to show me the methods she uses as a jeweler. Her offer resulted in a workshop in my studio on Taylor Avenue, and she brought two friends, plus cookies! They showed me their silicon transfer method for printing on curved surfaces - we had a great time exchanging information. She sent me her first proof, below. Later Nancy asked me to make an aquatint box for her. I always admired her work with calligraphy on the several occasions when she sent notes via snail mail. Her jewelry work has been shown at and Taboo Studios in San Diego.

Nancy's First proof - 2006

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