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Katie Argyle Collection

 WeeWoodie before and after
Katie Argyle's DIY Mini Etching Press

DIY WeeWoodie Rembramdt Press

About Katie Argyle : "Katie Argyle can be found at Necessity Studios, in Aurora, Ontario, Canada negotiating a small studio space without any natural light but with a good coffee machine. She works in a variety of mediums: printmaking, painting and ceramics. Each medium has its own unique voice. Since moving to the heart of Suburban Canada in 2011, Katie has been working with the assimilating the suburban lifestyle. She is mining her observations in her current body of work consisting of large scale woodcut prints. She is the owner of Out of My Mind - Purveyors of Mighty Fine Art  begun in 1991 at the By Ward Market in Ottawa, Ontario. A dedicated supporter of farmers, producers and makers, she continues to show and sell her work at the Aurora Farmers' Market during the summer months and in the coming year (2017) at art and craft festivals in the Toronto area." Read more. . .

Specifications: Made in 2014. The DIY WeeWoodie Rembrandt Press is a model the 17th C. press used by Rembrandt, pre-cut and drilled for easy assembly and prints intaglio and relief blocks. A pre-carved relief block and felt blankets. See the 20-page comical user manual which comes with the press - click here. Does not include ink, paper, or printing inks.

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