Bill Ritchie Artwork in Oregon
in the

Keith Achepohl Estate Collection

Provenance: Keith Achepohl, “Night,” color intaglio in purple, green, blue and black on BFK Rives paper, 12 X 12 inches. Signed lower right, K. Achepohl.

Showing the colophone and Bill Ritchie's part of the four works.


Provenance: Liners" is a limited edition of ten suites numbered 1/10 to 10/10 with an additional five suites designated “Artists Proofs” which become the property of the contributors. Boxes by Kathleen Rabel; silk slip cases by Mrs. Rabel; the machine known as "the liner" courtesy of National Lithograph Company. These are works on paper in mixed print media and drawing. Four sheets measuring 12 X 12 in., each signed and numbered and tipped in individual rag folders and enclosed in a black anodized aluminum box measuring 12 1/4 X 12 and 1/4 X 3/8 inches. Other artists are Stephen Hazel, “Banderole #67,” color intaglio in red, yellow and blue with embossing on BFK Rives paper, 12 X 12 inches. Studio chop and signed, lower right, Stephen Hazel ‘69; Bill H. Ritchie, “Three Bushes,” color intaglio in red, green, silver and blue on Copperplate Deluxe paper, 12 X 12 inches. Signed lower right B. Ritchie ‘69; Charles Stokes, “Rose Seasherotic,” polygraph-metalpoint in copper point / silver point on Chinese white ground on Amalfi paper lined onto J. Green waterleaf paper, red rose and stem impression. 12 by 12 inches. Chopped lower left, signed Fall ’69 and, lower right, Charles Stokes. "

Comment: The colophon, an intaglio print in silver in on Rives BFK paper, reads: "Liners, a suite of editioned papers by four Seattle artists, was created with the aid of a 19th Century machine originally intended to rule parallel lines on lithograph stones in the commercial printing industry and was used here as the principle drawing tool. The machine’s compelling limitations and a continuing fascination among the Seattle Group for the morphology of form within mechanization/technology combined to bring liners to publication."

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