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Robin Abel Collection

Rocking Horse

Provenance: Print. Woodcut. Black, yellow. Image 16 3/4 X 19 5/8 in. on 18 X 21 in. soft vegetable fiber paper or fabric. No. 4 Studio Proof. Signed lower right.

Comment: Professor David Burt introduced me to the short story, "Rocking Horse Winner" in his literature class. At one time I lived in my parent's basement on my father's new farm, I set this image of a rocking horse under the old furnace hot air ducts. I cut the wood fast, and thought about that short story. The provenance of this print is that I gave it to our daughter, Nellie. It was noticed by David Prentice, who purchased it. David or his family gave it to Goodwill, where it was found by Robin. She called me to learn more about it and its value - which was $250 that David paid for it. I told her when I could afford it, I'd buy it back!

About Robin Abel: "Robin Abel is a Northwest native whose life was altered by the incident that nearly killed her daughter Maria Federici. She would prefer to live a quiet life with her golden retrievers and garden but is compelled to share this story in order to prevent future tragedies due to unsecured loads." This description is from the Website where she and co-author, Peggy Sturdivant, show their book, "Out of Nowhere."

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