Bill Ritchie art and design work in Washington
in the

The Jundt Art Museum
at Gonzaga University

"School of Wave Squares"

Provenance: 1979. Intaglio printed from etched zinc plate. Image 12 X 9 in on 15 1/2 X 10 1/2 in Van Gelder Zonen (Natural, buff) paper. Impression 14/40 from a collector's edition published by Davidson Galleries. Has chops for the artist and Davidson Galleries. See also the Dan Mayer, Clint Pehrson, and the Ann Shafer Collections.

Comment: The Wave Square evolved from my "Squares" series (originating in a distorted T-Square like those that engineers and architects used t have on their drafting tables). At one point I used an architect's program to give me hundreds of views of the wave square, drawn on a computer plotter. Some of these views became the masters for a soft-ground etching for the print, "Wave Square School". The plotter drew on thin tracing paper, so when I overlaid them I could see several layers of the image. Later, I wanted to create a mass of wave squares based on an experience I had at a fish hatchery. Looking in deep water I could see nothing, then I realized all I could see were thousands of fishes, a school. Like that school, I imagined thousands of T-squares in deep water.

"Hangdown Target "

Provenance: 1969 Intaglio print, Impression Red, silver, ochre on natural buff paper chine colle'd. Image 8 3/4" X 12" on 12 1/2" X 16" Arches Cover. No. 4/5. Signed lower right. See also Kathy Rabel and Lynda Ritchie Collections

Comment: "I had made a series of targets and reflections, and it was the first year I started my video art period. About this time I acquired a lining tool (AKA 'liner') that made tiny, evenly spaced lines that reminded me of video raster lines. I also was perfecting the KPR photo-etching process. Last, I got a can of silver ink from Dan Smith. Chine colle I had learned from Stephen Hazel. All these things combined to yield my 'Hangdown Target.'"

J. Scott Patnode, director and curator at the Jundt Art Museum, sent a message to me in 2007 to let me know that these two of my works are in this collection. Visit the Jundt Art Museum home page. For availability and pricing information, contact Davidson Galleries Contemporary Print Department

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