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"It's about time!" Time has form, and on MacRitchie's Island time is explored as though there
can be such a thing as fast, free fine art - art as an exploration of time, free of commerce and fine as can be.

Excerpted from No. 2 of the series below, Bill Ritchie in the one-minute introduction video on YouTube.
Hover on details to learn more about five things in Bill and Lynda Ritchie's Mini Art Gallery in Seattle.

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Conceived in 1966 by former professor Bill H. Ritchie as part of the Perfect Studios principle,
MacRitchie's Fast Free Fine Arts is now a Division of Emeralda Works, LLC,
on skills
in using technology to bridge traditional printmaking with rapid asset production, storage and retrieval for
individual artists, crafts people, and designers to establish, maintain, and advance their
Human Structural Intellectual Capital (HSIC) and Intellectual Properties (IP).

For more information email ritchie@seanet.com

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